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Packaging Company in Cincinnati

Perched between the East coast commerce and Midwest manufacturing, Cincinnati is among the top cities with fastest job growth, bustling start-ups, and happy workplaces. Home to several billion dollar companies, including Kroger Co., Procter & Gamble, Macy’s Inc., and Fifth-Third Bancorp, Cincinnati is quickly gaining speed as a booming business hub.

Make sure your business is part of the growth with Shorr Packaging. For 90+ years, Shorr has been committed to providing first-class service, in-depth knowledge and insight, and tailor-made solutions for packaging products and logistics. Whether in search of high quality products, industrial packaging machinery, or packaging application analyses, Cincinnati businesses can expect the exceptional when working with Shorr.


Founded in 1922, Shorr Packaging began as a small sales company, whose primary lines included paper bags, janitorial supplies, candy, chewing gum and notions. Out of humble beginnings and a deep commitment to innovation and progress, Shorr grew from a small family business into a customer-focused solutions provider for all packaging, equipment and production processes.

Our long history is quite an achievement and one that couldn't have happened without the trust and support of our customers. For nearly a century, Shorr has provided customers with unique, cost-effective solutions for their specific packaging needs. We boast a full roster of packaging professionals, design consultants and sales reps, all experts at finding solutions for any business in any industry. As an employee-owned company, every Shorr team member is deeply committed to organizational success, continued growth and prosperity, and most importantly, complete customer satisfaction.

As a Shorr customer, you can expect first-class service from a local team dedicated to helping solve your packaging challenges. Our Cincinnati team has access to extensive resources through our distribution network and is supported by our national headquarters in Chicago. Both teams will work together to ensure the success of your business.

So what does your business need to get in on the boom? Shorr Packaging has the quality products, knowledgeable consultants and nationwide operations to help your business grow and thrive. Call or click here to see all the ways Shorr works for you.

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