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Southern California Packaging Company

Move over Hollywood. Show business is not the only game in town. Los Angeles is one of the world's centers of media, business, international trade, aerospace, and technology (to name a few). Los Angeles is also ranked as having the 6th most competitive financial centers in the country and is the largest manufacturing center in the western United States proving that Tinsel Town knows how to work.

In business, reliable partnerships and who you know go a long way to becoming successful. Shorr Packaging is behind-the-scenes, making sure that all the product logistics, packaging applications, and equipment are working together for seamless, efficient operations. Shorr Packaging is the key to making business goals and plans come true.


Founded in 1922, Shorr grew from a small family business into a customer-focused solutions provider for all packaging, equipment, and production processes. Our long history is quite an achievement and one that couldn't have happened without the trust and support of our customers. For nearly a century, Shorr has provided customers with unique, cost-effective solutions for their specific packaging needs.

When you work with Shorr Packaging, customer care is key. A dedicated Los Angeles-based team works with your needs and parameters to help you solve any packaging challenges. Fueled by the extensive resources through our distribution network, the Shorr nationwide teams work together to ensure the success of your business and offer first-class support, wherever your packaging challenges exist.

At Shorr, experience and expertise go hand-in-hand. From customized and cost-effective e-commerce packaging to sterile, FDA-compliant medical device packaging, Shorr offers packaging equipment, system products, packaging application analyses, on-site repair services, and much more, all backed by our stellar customer service and commitment to innovation and quality.

Shorr is the secret weapon to taking your business into the spotlight. Whatever your packaging needs, Shorr Packaging can help you succeed with quality products, knowledgeable consultants and nationwide operations. Call or click here to see all the ways Shorr works for you.

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