Lantech C-1000 Automatic Case Erector

Key Features

  • Process 15–22 CPM
  • Precise scale
  • Erects and seals multiple case types

The Lantech C-1000 Automatic Case Erector is designed for businesses that need to process anywhere from 15 to 22 cases per minute.

Featuring an easy-access magazine with the capacity to hold up 200 case blanks, the spring-loaded side belts and positive two-panel case control ensures that cartons are held securely during sealing.

Available in either tape or hot melt sealing formats, the C-1000 erects cases with precise 90-degree angles, creating perfectly-squared cartons for easier packing and palletizing.

Lantech offers a 3-year warranty on the dependable C-1000 case erector, extending your packaging operation’s up-time and productivity.

Lantech C-1000 Features:
  • 15–22 Cases Per Minute Throughput
  • Easy-to-Load Infeed Magazine
  • Hinged Pickup Frame Moves Case from Infeed to Former
  • Flap Folding System
  • Spring Loaded Belts Adjust for Case Width Variation
  • Precise Scale Displays for Accurate Changeovers
  • Erects and Seals Singlewall, B & C Flute, HSC and RSC Cartons
  • Bottom Case Tape Sealing
  • Accepts Most 2" or 3" Tape Brands
  • Interlocking Safety Gate
  • 3-Year Unlimited Cycles Warranty
Optional Features:
  • Outfeed Height Extension
  • 3" Tape Head
  • Detection for Magazine, Tape, Hotmelt, Case Check
  • Additional Case Minimum/Maximum Handling
  • Increased 25 Case Standard Throughput (run out required)
  • Stainless Steel Frame/Machine Construction
  • Magazine Extension to 82"
  • Minimum case width of 5.5"
  • Beacon light to indicate general failure, tape supply, blank supply, at-a-glance status
Lantech C-1000 Specifications:
  • Case Size Minimum: 7.875" (L) x 5.875" (W) x 5.875" (H)
  • Case Size Maximum: 19.75" (L) x 12.75" (W) x 20.25" (H)
  • Case Type: RSC, HSC
  • Flute Type: B, C
  • Wall Type: Single (test for double wall)
  • Standard Bottom Tape Sealing
  • Lantech TH-Series Tape Head
  • Hotmelt Sealing System Available
  • Air Supply: 80 psi, 4-13 cfm, clean dry dir
  • Electrical Supply: 230v, 3 phase, 15amp, 60Hz
  • Infeed Capacity: 200 cases
  • Weight: 1610 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90" x 90" x 71"
  • Outfeed Pass Height: 22.5" (min.); 24.75" (max.)

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