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Case Sealers

Case sealers are essential to every successful packaging operation. They need to perform well and ensure the safety of all products during processing and delivery. Top line case sealers are known for versatility, consistency and reliability—they represent the crucial last step in your packaging system.

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Shorr is proud to feature Case Sealers from these brands.

We leverage our purchasing power and strategic relationships with leading suppliers of top-grade protective packaging to ensure our customers receive high-quality products at the best prices.

Shorr Packaging is proud to be a preferred distributor of case sealers from leading manufacturers like 3M, Wexxar/BEL, Interpack, Lantech and Combi. We partner with these industry leaders to offer our clients a wide range of the best case sealing systems money can buy.

Choosing a Case Sealer

When it comes time to choose a case sealer, you’ll want to consider a number of variables, including: automation, package variety and sealing methods.

Automation - Case sealers are available as both semi-automated or fully-automated systems. It’s remarkable the things some case sealers can be programmed to do, and how much efficiency they can add to the process, particularly when it comes to cutting labor costs. There are some cases, however, where a case sealing process requires the assistance of manual workers and semi-automated systems are more appropriate.

Package variety – If your case sealing process needs to be flexible and handle a wide variety of packages, you’ll want to consider a random case sealer. If your packages are consistently sized, a uniform case sealer is more appropriate.

Sealing methods – There are two primary sealing methods: specialized carton sealing tapes and hot melt glue case sealings. Both varieties create gap-free seals and accommodate a variety of case size.

Case Sealing Expertise and Support

Our professional packaging consultants will work with you to consider the exact needs of your packaging operation system. As part of our packaging analysis program, we review our clients’ operations in great detail and make suggestions for increasing productivity while ensuring excellent standards are maintained

We’re very proud of our relationships with the leading case sealing equipment manufacturers, and we’ve built these relationships over many years on steady progress and a pursuit of excellence in packaging. To ensure our clients are supported every step of the way, we offer complete support for equipment selection, integration, installation, training, service and parts procurement.

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