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Lantech Case Sealers

Shorr offers Lantech case sealers as an excellent option, providing easy and convenient control through the flap-folding and sealing processes.

Keeping Cases Square

Lantech case sealers control boxes precisely as they are moved through the flap-folding and sealing process. The Lantech two-stage front-flap folding system ensures that the first "top flap" folds evenly on the score line and an evenly timed process through it's entirety. "Stage 1" helps absorbe the shock of the flap impact by utilizing a plow to hep partially fold at the score line. The "stage 2" folding arm folds the flap perpendicular to the box walls with a timed folding arm so the "top, side-flaps" will be horizontal when they close. Once the plow folds flaps, it forces them to stay as they are sealed, ensuring a "square case".

Sealing that Prevents Jams

These case sealing machines utilize adjustable, in-feed guides that help to establish control of the boxes as they enter the sealer. Spring-loaded side belts help transport the cases through the folding and sealing process, moving in or out to adjust for any width differences in the cases, eliminating one of the causes of jams.

Supported by a roller system, the case bottoms help move the boxes smoothly, reducing resistance and friction, helping with a "jam-free" case sealing process.

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