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Wexxar/BEL Case Sealers

Shorr Packaging offers a selection of Wexxar/BEL tapers to accommodate a variety of specific carton sealing needs.

By combining affordability with high quality and performance, Wexxar/BEL case sealers are an ideal solution for packaging environments with limited floor space, and where frequent case size changes and manual inspection of products is required.

The BEL130 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is a good option for customers looking to transition from a manual to a more automated taping process.

The BEL150 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer accommodates a variety of case sizes and can handle up to 30 cases per minute.

With its heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the BEL151 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is ideal for demanding environments.

For high production operations, the BEL250 Adjustable Fully-Automatic Case Sealer is highlighted by the Snap Folder flap fold technology.

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