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Sealed Air Packaging Systems

Sealed Air Corp. is an industry leader that exceeds these expectations by developing protective packaging systems that answer the need for effective void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing, surface protection and containment solutions.

As an authorized distributor partner of Sealed Air’s packaging equipment, Shorr Packaging is proud to feature many of their most popular lines of automated systems, including:

  • Inflatable Air Pillow Systems: Fill-Air Cyclone®, Fill-Air Rocket®, Wonderfil™ Wrap, Rapid Fill®
  • Cushioning Systems: NewAir I.B.®, PackTiger®, SpeedyPacker®, Instapacker® Tabletop, Instapack iMold®
  • Paper Cushioning Systems: PackTiger® and PackTiger® Hybrid™
  • Sheeting Systems: Accu-Cut™ and Instasheeter™
  • Paper Void Fill Systems: FasFil® EZ™, FasFil®, PackTiger®, PackTiger® Hybrid™
  • Void Reduction Systems: I-Pack® and Ultipack®
  • Automated Mailer System: Priority Pak®

The main goal of packaging operations is to get products packed, shipped and delivered in made-ready condition, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Meeting these objectives creates a more productive packaging environment, and more importantly—increases customer satisfaction.

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