Strapping, Banding, Tying

By partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, Shorr Packaging is your complete resource for strapping, banding, and tying systems. When you chose the right machinery and supplies, your packaging operation can maximize productivity, minimize downtime, decrease costs, and reduce product damage.

Signode Mod-GPX Semi-Automatic and Automatic Strapping Machine, Shorr Packaging
Signode Mod-GPX SS Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic, Automatic Strapping Machine, Shorr Packaging
Signode MH-VM Side Seal Strapping Machine, Shorr Packaging

We proudly offer PAC Strapping Systems, Signode Packaging Systems, and Felins USA Bundling Systems.

These manufacturers are well known and respected in the industry, and provide innovative solutions for a wide range of strapping, banding, and tying needs.

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