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Shorr Packaging is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Lantech stretch wrapping equipment. We offer their complete line of semi-automatic, automatic, turntable, straddle, and ring wrappers.

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We leverage our purchasing power and strategic relationships with leading suppliers of top-grade protective packaging to ensure our customers receive high-quality products at the best prices.

Famous for inventing automatic stretch wrapping technology, Lantech’s professional-quality stretch wrap machines are manufactured with productivity in mind to handle every type of stretch wrapping application and load composition. Lantech is the industry leader in stretch wrapping equipment, and their equipment increases productivity while reducing labor.

Choosing The Right Stretch Wrapper

We understand that choosing your stretch wrap machinery can be difficult, and our packaging equipment professionals are happy to help you choose the best stretch wrapping equipment for your needs and budget.

There are two basic styles of stretch wrapper to choose from: a turntable stretch wrapper or a straddle stretch wrapper. A turntable stretch wrapper is a portable piece of equipment designed to wrap the majority of all pallet loads; on it, the load spins around on a turntable with the stretch film is dispensed as the film delivery system moves up and down. It requires a stable pallet load with its weight evenly distributed. It’s typically shorter than a straddle wrapper, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, and produces low to medium volume loads.

A straddle stretch wrapper rotates around the pallet and distributes the film while the load remains still, making it an ideal choice for unstable loads that could topple while the pallet is rotating or very heavy loads that weight more than 5,000 pounds. The straddle stretch pallet wrapper is anchored to the floor and takes up more floor space than a turntable stretch wrapper. Straddle stretch wrappers generally cost $17,500 and more, producing up to 100 loads per hour.

For unusual or extremely heavy loads that require a consistent, high-wrap force or can’t otherwise be pallet wrapped on a turntable-style wrapper, Lantech offers the Lan-ringer Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper. This custom-built machine is ideal for manufacturing operations with high volume, end-of-the-line wrapping environments, and this orbital stretch wrapper has succeeded in industries such as textiles, construction products, and fabricated metals.

Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Within each type of stretch wrapper, you’ll also need to decide whether you want a semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapper. Lantech’s automatic stretch wrappers provide customers with superior levels of quality improvements and performance. Depending on the specific applications, these high productivity machines can wrap anywhere from 70 to 200 loads per hour.

Many of Lantech’s automatic stretch wrappers include their patented LeanWrap technology. Offering Metered Film Delivery, Machine Generated Performance Data, Pallet Grip, and the specialized Containment Force Tool, this exclusive set of tools provides customers with the full-featured options they need to properly manage their stretch wrapping operations.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Warranties

Most of Lantech’s stretch wrapping machines include a five-year warranty. No scheduled preventative maintenance means years of reliable operation and performance for the user. In addition to equipment we also offer a full line of stretch wrap films to fit every need.

Choosing the right stretch wrapper is a difficult process, and there’s no one hard-and-fast answer as to what stretch wrapper a company should choose. The professionals at Shorr Packaging will help you choose the right stretch wrapper for your specific needs, and our professional service technicians are certified, factory-trained, and ready to help you set up and install your new stretch wrapping machine. For more information on stretch wrappers, contact us today.

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