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{5 Reasons} why you should weigh and stretch wrap at the same time.

Carriers fine their customers $1 billion annually because of incorrectly reported load weight.Look at what's currently happening in the less-than-truck load industry, from losing money to wasting time.

Learn how inaccurate weights cost you money, how freight carriers operate, and how to put yourself on an even playing field with carriers by reading Lantech's eBook - "5 Reasons why you should weigh and stretch wrap at the same time". Read the ebook preview below.

{ Introduction } Let us give you examples of how this principle plays out in the less-than-truckload shipping world. LTL freight carriers weigh every load and catch all mistakes reported on bills of lading.

{ Reason #1 } You’re losing money. Reweigh fees add up to $1 billion annually. While that may just be a fraction of the $32 billion less-than-truckload freight industry, it’s still a lot of money. That $1 billion could buy a six pack for every American man.

{ Reason #2 } You’re going to get caught. Technology enables carriers to create a new revenue stream that hadn’t been possible - until now. Think of them as cops armed with radarguns. They’re gonna getcha every time.

{ Reason #3 } You’re not right when you’re wrong. Incorrect figures on your bills of lading are often taken from educated guesses. Guesses occur when your dock employees physically lift pallets or calculate weight of individual parts or products.

{ Reason #4 } You’re wasting time. And time is money. You might believe the extra step of transferring the pallet from the stretch wrapper to a platform scale is too time consuming. Phew! It’s even a mouthful to say.

{ Reason #5 } You’re a smart guy. Out of the hundreds of thousands of loads a day, a whopping 25 percent of weights don’t match what customers claimed on their bill of lading. That one-fourth is slapped with $20 per mistake, or $1 billion over a year.

{ Summing it up... } You care about what you’re shipping. You care your product arrives to customers without damage. Save money. Save time. Don’t guess. Don’t get caught.


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