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Shorr Works to Build Better Solutions and Customer Synergy with DPS Training

Shorr Packaging celebrated its 8th DPS (Dimensions of Professional Selling) graduating class this July, continuing its tradition of a team of “best-in-class” Sales Professionals.

With the use of the positional selling system, Shorr graduates learned to overcome objections, diffuse anger, and learn interpersonal variables of customer types. The goal and end-result accomplished was to help our team of experts discover how to uncover the gaps between a customer’s desired state and their current state.

Shorr is a leading packaging supplier, offering a wide range of supplies, automated equipment, and value added solutions. Our highly educated packaging specialists are experts on helping business pack smarter, within not only the manufacturing, distribution, 3PL, and internet fulfillment industries, but also companies specializing in food packaging, pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

By allowing members of Shorr’s team to learn more about their customer’s “odds are”, they can better understand their unique needs and help build better solutions that address specific issues. Shorr Packaging works for its customers, reducing freight bills, improving production-line inefficiencies, and in the long run advocating for restored process and increased profitability.


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