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Sharp Baggers Provide Significant Efficiency Benefits

Would you like to reduce labor costs? Increase accuracy? Increase productivity?

Uncovering common problems with your current processes and finding ways to improve productivity is something Shorr professionals do best. Often times, incorporating a Sharp packaging machine is part of our total solution.

Many online retail fulfillment centers and mailing facilities share in the common problems of capacity constraints with slow run times and setup times. Various industries, such as Manufacturing, 3PL / Distribution, Food Packaging, Internet Fulfillment, Medical and Pharmaceutical, often have existing processes that slow throughput, resulting in lower productivity and higher costs.

By integrating Sharp bagging machines into your process, productivity can increase dramatically across your fulfillment center and warehouse by improving a vast range of once problematic issues. Shorr offers the Sharp SX, MAX12, MAX20, and MAX Plus Automatic Bagging Systems.

Top Reasons Baggers Provide Increased Efficiency and Benefits

  1. Much quicker throughput, up to 3.5 x faster
  2. Increase in weight accuracy, options for weight count or optical count.
  3. Labor costs decreases, documented reductions of 40%.
  4. Reduced number of workstations, station size is reduced by as much as 50%.
  5. Options for direct inline thermal imprinting, up to 50% faster than other printers.
  6. Large savings on maintenance, fewer moving parts, uses off-the-shelf parts.
  7. Decreases in scrap and material costs, thermal ribbon usage is reduced up to 90%.
  8. Ability to record historical data, used for maintenance and measuring errors.
  9. Integrates popular rate shopping software for shipping efficiencies and savings.
  10. Faster training times, typically one week.

High Quality E-Z Bags and the Latest Technology

Sharp provides the best quality, clear bags using only the highest grade resins available, helping you to provide consistency, order after order. Features such as hang holes for retail, vent holes or skip seals for air evacuation, and vertical/horizontal perforations allow for easy opening. Bags are available in different sizes, either on rolls or fan folded in boxes.

Other system features are specifically integrated to help operator ease. The E-Z bags feed through the machine, opened automatically, filled with product, and are then sealed. Added technology includes a networkable touchscreen PC, enhancing production, automation, and integration - allowing the option to record historical information and other data.

Process Evaluation and Analysis

Adding any of the Sharp inline bagger systems to your specific industry operation will yield cost returns in usage and process.

Shorr Packaging can help identify fulfillment solutions that will increase versatility and productivity throughout your entire facility, yielding in increased profits. Use better quality products and tailor your packaging and printing to your specific needs.

Contact Shorr for an on-site evaluation to analyze your current packaging processes and find out your options to reduce costs and streamline your operations.


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