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Packaging Experts Return from PARCEL Forum

The Windy City - Home of the Cubs, White Sox, Da Bears, Our Hawks, Deep Dish Pizza, A Classic Hotdog, and Blues Music...

Chicago (and Shorr) were fortunate to have the PARCEL Forum back where it started (in 2003). If you missed out and couldn't stop by our booth at PARCEL Forum last week, reach out and let us know. Shorr delivered expert packaging solutions for B2B and B2C shippers and can also show you how to improve your company's process and "pack smarter".

Looking for Your Lost Profits?

Let Shorr help you find your lost profits! Whether you ship 100 or 1,000,000 packages a month, Shorr can show you how to ship packages more efficiently and cost-effectively with these services:

Reusable Packaging
Dim-Weight Analysis
Carton Right-Sizing
Inventory Reports
STAMP Analysis
Packaging SOP’s

Delivering the Goods!

PARCEL Forum was a terrific outlet for all transportation and shipping, logistics and supply chain, distribution and warehouse, information technology, and packaging professionals. Companies provided their expertise on how to stay on top of carrier trends and shipping innovations. They also discussed planning, implementing and controlling their goods and services effectively. Attendees were also able to learn the latest in packaging warehousing and distribution equipment, systems, and software.

Go For Damage-Free

Shorr was a large contributor to the last topic at the show - packaging solutions. The goal was to help attendees learn how to make sure their shipped orders arrive to their final destinations damage-free. By helping companies save money and staying on top of the latest packaging advancements and changes to the shipping industry, Shorr was really able to help businesses see how to "find their lost profits".


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