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Case Study: "Weigh" the Costs

This Midwest manufacturing company packages and ships a high volume of palletized loads to a wide number of industry channels and retail outlets, via UPS and LTL freight carriers.

Customer Palletized Gaps

Since this company supplies impulse-purchase products, their palletized loads are not always uniform and they frequently vary in weight.

Two major challenges for them are:

  • Reducing shipping damage caused by under-secured loads
  • Avoiding fines for inaccurate weights on their bills of lading

The Shorr "Wrap and Weigh" Solution

With these challenges in mind, their Shorr account manager recommended an all-in-one “wrap and weigh” solution and arranged for an on-site demonstration.

During the demonstration, the customer wrapped and weighed pallets of their own products on the Lantech Q-300XT Simple Automation Stretch Wrapping System equipped with the EZ Weigh Integrated Scale.

The system provided them two immediate benefits: increased product protection and an accurate weight of their loads. To avoid costly fines, they incorporated a label printer that communicated with the EZ Weigh scale and provided load weight verification and documentation.

For additional benefits, the customer also purchased Lantech’s XT Cut and Clamp® to automatically capture and cut their film; Pallet Grip to lock their loads to the pallet and prevent shifting; and a Click-n-Go Remote Control® for increased portability and functionality.

After Shorr installed and trained them on their new Lantech system, the customer reported increased productivity and a reduction in product damage, LTL carrier fines and labor expenses.


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