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Bubble - The Most Well-Known "Popping" Sound

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Bubble has the "pop" sound that is recognizable by all ages. This "appreciation" day is always celebrated on the very last Monday of January.

Thanks to a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana for it's broadcast years ago. After receiving a shipment of microphones wrapped in bubble, they decided to pushed the sound of "popping" bubble through the airwaves, thus starting the true "appreciation" day.

Bubble is known to continuously provide countless hours of fun for all ages and has also become a form of stress-relief. In the packaging industry it's become one of the most common forms of cushioning and void fill, protecting fragile or sensitive products and shielding items from impact, abrasion and other damage. Bubble also is used in many mailing envelopes and mailers as companies ship smaller items.

Benefits to bubble? As an essential material, it adds reduced weight, improved appearance, and increased customer satisfaction!

Shorr Packaging offers bubble in rolls, sheets, and bag options, along with anti-static and eco-sensitive choices. Select your bubble height, roll size, perforation, slit and other options from our stock in our national network of warehouses.


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