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Shorr Mentioned in Wall Street Journal: Ecommerce Return Rates, Supply Chain and Logistics

Shorr is getting attention within the e-commerce fulfillment industry, as recently referenced in two separate Wall Street Journal articles in the last few weeks.

The Wall Street Journal's first article mentioning Shorr from December 27, 2015, talks about Christmas return rates and the outcomes of the massive amounts of returned merchandise from the holiday season.

A large portion of the returned items and products are not being sent back to the original retailers, but large logistics returns centers for resale in bulk to other small businesses or liquidators. (Full article about "re-commerce" strategies - Where Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts get a Second Life.)

In the January 4, 2016, post about Top Supply Chain and Logistics News from WSJ, Shorr is highlighted noting retail value and e-commerce sales returns estimates for the recent holiday season.

The article speaks about the large parcel carriers and the steps taken to deal with surges in online, ecommerce sales. With a look into overall seasonal logistics, looking at e-commerce fulfillment, it's important to note the critical transportation issues that surround this industry.

Shorr Packaging is a leader in the industry of internet and e-commerce fulfillment, offering not only the products and equipment to automate, but also the services and solutions to make flow and process easier and more efficient.

View the full holiday returns infographic for more facts about E-Commerce Returns Best Practices.


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