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Throwback Thursday: "When YOU need industrial paper products"

Shorr Paper Products Industrial Packaging Flyer

Here's an "oldie" but a "goodie" from the Shorr vault.

Back when Shorr Packaging Corp was Shorr Paper Products, Inc., with only a couple locations, the phone was the main method of ordering.  

This flyer, weighing heavily on industrial paper products, was published around 1970.  The cover featured a giant phone - very bold and enticing, showing the main stock of what Shorr was selling to their customers at that time.  

Shorr Paper Products Industrial Packaging Flyer

BIG or small order, we can satisfy your needs... OFF THE SHELF!

What we used to call "inner packaging", covering polypropylene film closed cushion cells (foam), and bubbles of air sealed between sheets of polyethylene film (bubble), the industry now calls this protective packaging. 

Shorr Paper Products Industrial Packaging Flyer

What's More, We Offer...

Through the years, Shorr continues to be a packaging leader; selling many of the same shipping and packaging products - corrugated, chipboard, cartons, tubing, poly bags, and mailers.  Shorr still offers slitting and sheeting of its foam, paper, and corrugated with precision for a quick and economical solutions.  Shorr can accommodate several sizes, thicknesses, and quantities!

Shorr has always provided a "one-stop" supply source to its customers also giving options for other product inventory, such as office and janitorial supplies.  Today, Shorr still prides itself on being a single-source option for all of our customer's packaging needs.

Shorr Paper Products Industrial Packaging Flyer

Visit our Showroom...

We still encourage customers to visit our showroom and look at a selection of of different products and equipment, just as we did back in 1970.  The biggest differences are the location and selection of automated machines available. 

Shorr's product and equipment specialists are trained and dedicated to customer service.  Depending on your needs, Shorr's team can help improve your shipping processes, design your custom packages, and make suggestions for your products and automated equipment.

The same philosophy of listening and serving our customers still remains Shorr's number one - top priority.


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