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The Benefits of Sharp Baggers

Increase productivity and accuracy, while reducing labor costs with a Sharp bagger. Find out ways to improve your current processes and uncover common problems when shipping.

Bagging machines work well for manufacturing, distribution, 3PL, ecommerce fulfillment centers and mailing facilities. They can also be beneficial for the parts industry, retail, medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Options range from the Sharp SX, continuous roll bagging system and the Max Plus auto-bagging machine to any of the Max 12, Max 20 or Max 24 options that allow for E-Z bag feeding with open, filling and sealing. See videos of many of these systems in action.

How Sharp Baggers Lead the Industry

The "largest bag width" (24 inches) gives the ability to package much bigger items and boxes. With a range of sizes, one can run bags from 2 to 24 inches wide.

Sharp offers a variety of bag types within the EZ bag family including - general purpose, high density (SPHD), non-scratch, E-Z Stat (anti-static), xtreme poly (XP) ultra, HD mailer, polypropylene, military specification film, gamma patient, metalized barrier film, electic static discharge (ESD), and more.

How Time is Money

With up to 3.5 times faster throughput and faster training times (typically less than a week) using a bagging machine can be highly beneficial.

Generally bags have a much quicker pack rate over boxes or flat mailers - packing more in less time with a 4:1 ratio of bags versus boxes and 3:1 ratio with mailers.

Find the Hidden Savings

Many fulfillment centers see up to a 40% documented reduction of their labor costs, also showing higher productivity with fewer workers. Utilizing Sharp baggers can also cut the number of work stations by over 45% and reduce the overall work space footprint for each individual up to 50%.

With options for direct inline thermal imprinting, many businesses see a decrease the use of thermal ribbon up to 90% with less in scrap and material costs.

By effectively implementing an inline bagger, many see reductions in the amount of dim weight charges, thus a decrease in shipping costs. Sharp baggers also can save well over $2000 a year, in annual maintenance (40% less) when compared to competitors, due to fewer moving parts and utilizing off-the-shelf parts

Increased Accuracy and Spot On Precision

Sharp bagging machines can help when accuracy for weight count or optical count is important. By integrating rate shipping software, many of the Sharp baggers can record vital data, providing historical information used for often identifying maintenance and measuring errors.

Some of these baggers can provide an option for a label-side-up exit conveyor, which allows for easy barcode scanning.


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