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Inc Magazine Features Shorr Survey Information

The Inc Magazine article discusses the steady increase of the "Porch Piracy" challenges that online retailers face on a day-to-day basis -- becoming a much larger problem than previously assumed. The Shorr Survey shows consumer concerns over package theft, and the affect it can have on shopping behaviors and perceived impression of a business.


Surprisingly, the survey found that "porch piracy" is more common than thought and spread throughout the year. The Shorr Survey states, nearly 3 in 10 consumers have experienced package theft in the last year.

Other statistics suggest that the fear of package theft affects the way people shop. Many refuse to buy certain items online because they are afraid their packages will be stolen due to value and the means of "obvious" packaging."

Get more detail - Read the full Inc article highlighting, "How Porch Piracy Affects Online Retail" or
view the Shorr Packaging "2017 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates, Purchase Habits and Privacy" infographic.


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