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Shorr Referenced on San Francisco ABC7 News for Porch Pirates Study

With the ecommerce Holiday shopping rush underway, stolen packages are on the rise! Though the issue is a risk all year round, this Holiday Season many are finding themselves victims to porch pirates.

Using statistics from Shorr's 2017 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates Purchase Habits and Privacy, ABC7 News Anchor, Michael Finney, highlighted that, "31% of Americans say they have personally dealt with package theft; and that many change plans to be home when the package arrives, worried it may be stolen during shipment."

The San Francisco ABC7 news team touched on the issue in their On Your Side consumer catch-up segment, which aired on November 19, 2017.

Following up, the video segment and information was later posted online by ABC7's Miranda Dotson on November 20,2017. Additional information can also be found in the full Shorr Theft Report.


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