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WKRN Nashville Broadcasts Shorr Survey Results on News Segment

With the increasing popularity of online shipping, package theft is also on the rise; and with Cyber Monday 2017 hitting an online high for ecommerce purchases, the "porch pirate" issue is front and center this Holiday Season.

As seen on the local news, Julie Edwards, correspondent for WKRN ABC News2, gave more information surrounding the issue on the Crime Tracker segment after more reports of "package theft" surfaced in the Nashville area. Commander Marlene Pardue of the Metro Nashville Police also addressed different ways to go about receiving deliveries to hopefully help alleviate porch theft.

Using the 2017 Shorr Packaging Theft Survey Results, she noted that "31 % of respondents from the survey had experienced package theft already" and 35% of participants mentioned sending a package somewhere other than their home to prevent "porch piracy". When asked in the Shorr survey, 63% said that they receive packages three or more times a month, where 37 percent said they only receive one to two packages a month.

Original news segment aired November 28, 2017. Read the full Shorr 2017 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates, Purchase Habits and Privacy and learn about what cautionary methods many Americans are taking to avoid package theft.


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