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Shorr Packaging Releases The 2019 Package Theft Report, Finds Porch Pirates Are Still Prevalent but Consumers Are Taking Action

The update from Shorr’s 2017 Package Theft Report shows a 7% decrease in respondents who experienced package theft.

(Aurora, IL. – November 2019) As holiday shopping season ramps up, Shorr Packaging Corp. (“Shorr”) has released the 2019 Package Theft Report that uses data from a survey of 1,052 online shoppers in the U.S. to better understand the evolving nature of eCommerce purchasing habits, experiences with package theft and the actions online shoppers take to deter porch pirates.

The 2019 Package Theft Report is a follow up to Shorr’s “2017 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates, Purchase Habits, and Privacy” and “2018 Package Theft Analysis: Amazon Package Theft in Major US Cities”. The report further establishes Shorr’s dedication to providing a unique and impactful viewpoint into package theft and what retailers and consumers alike can do to help prevent it.

Among the many notable findings in the report, nearly 1 in 4 online shoppers (24%) had personally experienced package theft, a 7% decrease compared to the 31% of self-reported package theft victims in our 2017 Package Theft report. Of the package theft victims that were surveyed, 41% had purchased a video doorbell to deter package thieves.

Additionally, 58% of respondents who experienced package theft first-hand indicated that they plan on changing their online purchasing habits around the holidays to avoid being package theft victims again.


“Shorr Packaging is proud to share the results on our annual research on package theft,” said Bill Bonaccorsi, Shorr’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “It’s validating to see the level of interest this report receives knowing that Shorr is providing a resource that is not only informing but influencing.”

“Among several interesting data points in this report is the high percentage of respondents (52%) that suggest delivery companies are not doing enough to prevent package theft. Shorr correlates this concern with the increased attention our retail, e-commerce and CPG customers are dedicating to developing packaging solutions that provide a strong brand impact but are less prone to theft and damage,” stated Bill.


As consumers turn to online retailers to fulfill their holiday shopping lists and face the risk of porch piracy, Shorr urges retailers to take notice and develop packaging solutions that can help their products seamlessly reach the end-customer.

To read the full “2019 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates and Prevention”, click here.


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