ShorrExpress® is our exclusive, private-label brand of reliable, general-purpose packaging products. Count on our value-added tape, mailer and protective packaging products to deliver quality and consistent performance.

ShorrExpress tape products represent a solid line of dependable, carton sealing tapes. Choose hand grade, machine grade or water-activated tapes to suit your specific application. Our machine length tapes are a smart choice for use in automated environments where efficiency and consistency are crucial. Our water-activated tapes provide an especially secure closure to corrugated cartons, and deliver a neat, professional appearance in a variety of packaging environments.

Choose high-quality, ShorrExpress bubble mailers to provide superior product protection and versatility for safely transporting and storing a variety of low-profile items. Available in an assortment of self-sealing, industry-standard sizes, our bubble mailers are a convenient, cost-saving alternative to carton packaging across a range of industry applications.

For protective packaging needs, we offer ShorrExpress® air-cell cushioning to safeguard products from impact, abrasion and other potential damage during shipping and handling. Our air-cell cushioning products can be used for carton void fill, product cushioning and surface protection—an essential packaging material for a wide range of industries and applications.

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