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Shorr supplies strapping products, tools and accessories that provide reliable pallet unitization solutions for a wide range of industry-specific applications. Our high-quality, dependable products offer numerous options for securing and stabilizing palletized loads of any size, weight, and configuration.

Steel & Plastic Strapping: Whether you're securing cartons, palletized products or heavy-duty construction materials, our polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping products will help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Edge and Corner Protectors: To add vertical support and help stabilize shipments for transport, we offer a variety of edge and corner protectors. Available in various sizes, edge guards are also used to safeguard palletized loads from potential damage associated with shipping and handling.

Strapping Tools and Accessories: For plastic strapping applications, we offer a wide range of manual tensioners, sealers and combo tools, as well as battery and pneumatic tools for high-production or industrial environments. We also supply tensioners, sealers, combination tools, cutters and seals designed specifically to work with steel strapping products.

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