Strapping and Banding Tools for Pallets

Shorr Packaging offers reliable, industry-standard tools for low volume and heavy-duty, manual and automatic plastic and steel strapping uses.

Manual tensioners, sealers, combination tools or strap cutters proficiently secure a variety of plastic strap materials, for both low-volume, on-the-spot or heavy-duty strapping operations.

Battery-powered tools are an option for applications requiring consistent tension, friction weld and cutting capabilities. These tools offer a portable strapping solution with different tension strengths to help reduce operator fatigue when compared to manual tools.

Pneumatic (or air powered) tools offer maximum performance for plastic strapping operations. Tension, weld and strap cutting is accomplished with a simple push of a button. Air-powered tools work with both polypropylene and high-strength polyester strapping materials to deliver uniform tensioning and superior welds.

Shorr also supplies the high-performance buckles and seals in duty strengths and capabilities to complement your choice of strap material and tool selection.

If your strapping operation goes beyond manual application, Shorr’s equipment specialists can also advise on semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machine options.

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