Packing Peanuts

Packaging peanuts offer a convenient, conformable solution for void fill and cushioning applications across a number of industries, including: electronics, lighting, automotive, plumbing, pharmaceuticals, home décor and printed materials.

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Also known as loose fill, packaging peanuts are a reliable, easy-to-use packaging material that effectively fills gaps around products and provides excellent blocking and bracing protection.

  • PakNatural® from Sealed Air Corporation, offers efficient, anti-static cushioning protection. This biodegradable and compostable loose fill product is made from completely renewable materials. By offering resistance to humidity and settling, it delivers superior performance and longer storage capabilities.
  • PELASPAN® from Storopack is a flexible, loose flowing product made from expandable polystyrene (no CFCs), which makes it 100% recyclable. Formulated to be resistant to temperature changes, moisture and bacteria, PELASPAN can be safely used in food packaging operations.
  • PELASPAN® BIO from Storopack is an all-natural loose fill, made from vegetable starches. It is a 100% compostable, water soluble product that can be disposed of in normal waste systems.

The use of loose fill pellets can be integrated into just about any type of packaging environment. They offer a portable, efficient option for providing fast, reliable product protection. Their long-term storage and lightweight properties make them a great packaging choice for a wide range of packaging environments.

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