Shorr Packaging Corp. is proud to offer its own private label brand of ShorrExpress® protective packaging products. Our protective packaging products can be used for a variety of specific needs, including: carton void fill, surface protection, and cushioning to safeguard items from impact, abrasion and other damage incurred during shipping and handling.

  • ShorrExpress® air-cell cushioning provides high-performance protection for light to medium-weight items. This strong, lightweight bubble cushioning features a unique nylon barrier film, which retains air longer to resist compression—even under increased pressure. Available in 1/2" and 5/16" bubble height, we offer custom perforation and slit options to meet the requirements of your packaging application.
  • ShorrExpress® cushioned bubble mailers are designed to safely transport and conveniently store a variety of low-profile items. These mailers offer a durable Kraft exterior, an air cell liner, a reinforced bottom seam, side seals, and strong adhesive to deliver an exceptionally secure, durable performance. These self-sealing envelopes are available in standard sizes for use across a range of industries and applications.

These exclusive products are created specifically with the goal of providing our customers with solutions that combine good quality with consistent, reliable performance.

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