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Reusable Packaging

Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging
Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging
Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging
Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging
Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging
Reusable, Resealable, Ecommerce Packaging

Shorr Packaging offers reusable packaging solutions to meet the rising needs for speedy, convenient returns within the internet and mail order fulfillment industries.

We've helped several eRetailers grow their business by understanding the challenges they face with product returns and implementing a returnable packaging solution for them. The products we offer range from refoldable corrugated boxes to resealable poly bag mailers and automated bagging equipment. These products improve efficiency, sustainability, and end-user experiences with returns.

Sustainable Reusable Packaging

Our recyclable, high quality, durable polyethylene bags are made from a multilayer film. These reusable mailers ensure a tamper evident, puncture resistance package for many products such as clothing, prescriptions, and more.

These bags are 100% recyclable with the ability to recycle by reusing them for returns. The unique second seal extends the life of the bag for future use. By using resealable poly bags, eRetailers reinforce their commitment to sustainable packaging.

Keeping Online Shoppers Happy with
Easy Returns

People like online shopping because it’s convenient and they can get what they want without ever leaving home. They expect the same experience for their returns. More than 60% of online shoppers want a return label included in their original packaging or an easy-to-print label option.

To keep shoppers happy, eRetailers need to implement an easy returns process. Over 85% of customers claim they will not repeat their business if the returns process is inconvenient or complicated. On the plus side, 95% of customers will continue to shop with a company after a positive return experience. eRetailers have an increasing incentive to make returns simple, cost-effective, and convenient. Reusable packaging offers all of those benefits.

Since returns are still a pain-point for many online shoppers and eRetailers, the opportunity for improvement is huge. Simplifying the returns process for the customer by using a resealable package, return label, and instructions with every purchase can make all the difference.

Discover Reclosable Bags

The experts at Shorr Packaging will help you find solutions for your company and bring increased convenience and customer satisfaction to your returns process. Ask us about the best reusable packaging for your application. From corrugated to poly mailer bags and automated bagging equipment, we'll suggest the best solution to fit your needs and increase your fulfillment productivity. Contact Shorr for more information and to get a quote.

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