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Shrink Wrap Films

Shorr offers both polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films, in formats and styles that address the specialized needs of commercial and industrial applications.

Shrink wrap film is a highly-versatile, flexible packaging material that provides security, stability, cleanliness and visual appeal to a wide range of products and packaged goods.

We proudly feature the full line of Clysar® shrink films. As one of the most popular options for food and retail packaging, polyolefin shrink wrap film combines reliable product coverage with strong seals, excellent conformability and premium visual appeal.

Shorr also supplies polyethylene shrink films for a wide range of bundling and unitizing applications—everything from bottled water to oversized stacks of ceiling tiles. PE films and bags are also widely used to contain and protect large equipment, and to shield palletized products, boats and other vehicles from exposure to outdoor elements.

Our company will work with you to deploy a multi-faceted approach that ensures you obtain only the best shrink film solutions.

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