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Clysar Polyolefin Shrink Warps

As a leading distributor partner, Shorr Packaging represents the full line of Clysar® polyolefin shrink films. Clysar products are proudly made in the U.S.A. from materials that deliver industry-leading reliability and performance.

  • All-Purpose HP Gold/VHG – this popular, multi-purpose film is widely used for packaging food and other consumer goods. With its high shrink force and strength, this film is well suited for bundling irregular-shaped products.
  • High-Speed EZ and EZ Gold – offering both premium appearance and rugged performance, this polypropylene film is ideal for automated food packaging environments.
  • Low Shrink Force LE Gold – a thin, lightweight polyolefin film that delivers gentle, balanced shrink around products such as paper goods, flexible items, and delicate food products.
  • Thin LTC All-Purpose – a low-cost, general purpose polyolefin film that works well for box overwraps, bundled or multi-packed items. A great lightweight alternative to polyethylene shrink film.
  • Thin LTCL Low Shrink Force – delivers a gentle, balanced shrink to create an exceptionally clear, visually-appealing wrap around thin or delicate products.
  • Thin LTCH High-Speed – an easy-to-run, thin-gauge film that runs well in high-speed packaging environments. By wrapping up to 80 packages per minute, this film works well when packaging items such frozen pizzas or fresh bakery products.
  • High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Clear – delivers premium protection while providing an alternative to corrugated packaging. This tough, clear film is ideal for a wide range of retail products by providing clear visual access while also protecting the product.

Widely used for baked goods, multi-packs, bundles, frozen foods and other retail items, Clysar films not only offer protection, but offer visual appeal to a wide range of packaged products.

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