INTERTAPE™ Tapes and Products

Shorr proudly represents the full line of pressure-sensitive and water activated carton sealing tapes from Intertape Polymer Group®.

We recommend many popular formats of IPG’s pressure-sensitive, hot-melt adhesive BOPP tapes.

  • 6100 – 1.6 mil utility grade; for sealing light to medium weight cartons, bundling and other general applications.
  • 7100 – 1.85/1.90 mil standard grade; for medium-weight carton closure and packages in normal shipping conditions.

For more demanding manual or automatic packaging operations, Shorr offers Intertape hot melt BOPP tapes with advanced Corru-Grip® adhesive technology.

  • 8100 – 2.2 mil medium grade tape; for medium weight boxes, package repair and bundling.
  • 9100 – 2.5 mil premium grade tape; for bulky cartons that face challenging shipping and handling environments.
  • 1100 – 3.0 mil premium grade tape; for heavy-weight cartons or packages exposed to extreme shipping conditions.

We offer a range of IPG fiberglass reinforced, water activated, box sealing tapes that provide strong adhesion, extra carton strength and tamper resistance.

  • Central® Brand 240 – suitable for average weight cartons and light duty applications
  • Central® Brand 270 – designed to accommodate heavy-duty, overstuffed cartons, recycled fiberboard.
  • Intertape® Brand Medallion Natural – ideal for recycled cartons and non-unitized loads weighing up to 30 pounds.

Shorr can also supply a full range of IPG industrial and commercial grade tape products – electrical insulation, masking, flatback, duct/cloth, double-coated, filament and aluminum foil tapes.

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