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Shorr offers a large assortment of specialty tapes and adhesives for a wide range of unique commercial and industrial applications.

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Adhesive transfer tapes are designed for precise, rapid and outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics. Delivering excellent moisture, temperature and UV resistance, these tapes are ideal for a variety of applications requiring high-tack adhesion.
We recommend: 3M™ 987 Adhesive Transfer Gun (ATG), 3M™ Removable/Repositionable 3051, and 3M™ Adhesive Transfer 465.

Aluminum foil tapes serve many purposes across a wide range of applications in general manufacturing, automotive and appliance industries. Heat-dissipative and aggressive bonding properties combine to make this flexible tape an ideal solution for sealing seams and joints. Foil tapes also serve as a moisture- and vapor-barrier for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and similar appliances, and protects against dust, solvents, and UV exposure.
We recommend: Scotch® 3311 Foil Tape.

Label protection and pouch tapes are designed specifically to safeguard labels, invoices and packing lists from moisture, tearing, smudging and other damage. Pouch tapes affix to cartons with an adhesive border, protecting documents within a non-tacky center window, ensuring that information remains clean and legible.
We recommend: 3M™ 3765 Label Protection Tape and Scotch® 824 Pouch Tape.

Shorr also supplies aerosol adhesives and cleaners for easy and convenient spray bonding, and to ensure that tape products are secured to clean, non-greasy surfaces.

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