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ShorrExpress® Carton Tapes

ShorrExpress® tape products represent a solid line of dependable, multipurpose tapes. We offer a wide selection of hand grade, machine grade or water-activated tapes suited your specific application.

Our ShorrExpress® hand length tapes offer an excellent choice and great value for a variety of day-to-day operations. Strong adhesives and sturdy backing materials provide reliable seals for basic carton sealing and storage needs.

In addition, ShorrExpress® machine length tapes are a smart choice for use in automated environments where efficiency and consistency are crucial. Choose economy or industrial grade tapes for your basic or heavy-duty carton sealing operations.

We also offer ShorrExpress® water-activated tapes to improve package security and prevent tampering by combining an aggressive seal with extra strength. These tapes provide an especially secure closure to corrugated cartons, and deliver a neat, professional appearance in a variety of packaging environments.

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