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Water-Activated Tape Dispensers

Water Activated Tape Dispenser IPG EH2O
Water Activated Tape Dispenser, IPG Intertape, Better Packaging, Pack 500
Water Activated Tape Dispenser IPG EH2O
Water Activated Tape Dispenser IPG EH2O
Water Activated Tape Dispenser IPG EH2O Roller

Let Shorr Packaging help you find a WAT tape dispenser to seal your boxes securely.

Water-activated (gummed tape) generates a secure bond, providing a tamper-evident solution for your company. Fiberglass reinforced and plain paper options are available, along with many styles of standard or customized prints.

Tapletop dispensers offer a range of features and benefit that include:

  • An aggressive, secure bond that works even in dusty or dirty environments
  • Custom imprinting to improve branding, package appearance or directions
  • All weather usage that works well in both extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Security and protection -- packages cannot be opened without breaking the seal
  • Machine guides allowing a range of widths from 1" to 3-1/2"
  • Little to no maintenance to keep it clean

The eH2O WAT Series Electric Taper is a superior tabletop option. It is equipped with the new patent pending, roller-wetting technology that self-cleans as it rotates. This technology replaces the "wetting brush" functionality. The roller material does not support bacteria growth and it requires absolutely no maintenance to keep it clean.

To integrate a secure, reliable, carton-sealing dispenser into your packaging line, contact Shorr.

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