Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability is not a single-step action—it’s a continual process improvement goal.

In the competitive marketplace, environmentally-sound choices are quickly becoming the benchmark for most businesses. Companies need to understand the issues and demonstrate how they are taking a proactive approach.

Since there are no formulaic answers to long-term sustainability, Shorr Packaging emphasizes Eco-Sensible solutions that take advantage of: renewable resources, waste reduction and recycling practices, and low-energy consumption.

What is an Eco-Sensible approach? Transitioning to a 100% sustainable, recyclable and ecologically-sensitive packaging solution, both a promising and a profitable solution.

While the many choices for eco-friendly packaging solutions may seem overwhelming, Shorr’s team of packaging professionals can help you sort through the options to create your step-by-step strategy. Your solution might be as simple as reducing the width of your box sealing tape or as involved as moving to completely biodegradable shipping containers.

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