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Shorr Strategic Solutions

While you may know and trust our expertise regarding packaging supplies and equipment, you may not know that we are a full-service packaging partner. We have an unmatched ability to optimize holistic supply chain processes and maximize ROI.

Whether it’s packaging supplies and equipment, contract packaging, warehousing, or managed transportation, we are With You The Whole Way.℠

Third-Party Warehousing & Logistics

Partnering with Shorr means we will ensure an adequate supply of packaging materials and store them for you so that you’re not taking up valuable real-estate in your warehouse. We deliver your materials to you in a timely fashion, just in time, to ensure you have what you need when you go into production. Our warehousing, distribution, and logistics services include:

  • Cross-Docking
  • E-Commerce Consolidation
  • VMI – Inventory Management
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Shorr Material Sourcing

Contract Packaging

Let Shorr support your contract packaging operations so you can focus on what you do best. The kitting and assembly experts at Shorr can help to reduce labor expenses, workplace hazards or other risks, and free up storage and warehouse space in your facility. Shorr’s capabilities include:

  • Custom Packaging & Design
  • Order Fulfillment Support
  • Cold Chain Packaging Solutions
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Staffing Solutions

Managed Transportation

Outsourcing your packaging logistics, freight management, and the replenishment of non-essential packaging materials by moving them offsite can help to improve efficiency and lower overall costs. At Shorr, we ensure we deliver above the industry standard’s on-time delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs in your operations. Our transportation management solutions include:

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Freight Tracking
  • Managed Transportation
  • Freight Payment and Audit

SQF Certification

Shorr's SQF certification ensures food safety compliance for our contract packaging customers every step of the way. The Safe Quality Food Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers world-wide. SQF Certification offers a comprehensive solution that helps you verify and demonstrate that food safety and quality controls have been effectively implemented, validated and monitored. The results of a strong SQF Program are safe products, brand confidence, and reassured customers.

Customized Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Not sure what’s missing in your current packaging operations? Our packaging application analysis finds the obstacles preventing you from achieving your packaging management goals.

For companies who need extra assistance on the design side of packaging, Shorr Packaging can match you with our corrugated designers who can help you with kitting and assembly tasks such as carton erecting, kit counting and assembly, and more. Need a custom packaging design to take your product to the next level? We can help with that too.

Finally, the packaging industry has fully recognized the importance of sustainable products- and sustainability is something that customers look for when shopping as well. To help companies become more sustainable, Shorr Packaging can help you find an eco-friendly packaging solution specific to your company’s needs.

Shorr’s team of industry experts will guide you through the process of selecting the packaging services that are appropriate for your specific business. We’re here to help you develop enterprise-wide programs for everything from procurement processes to packaging line functions- all while offering you the best customer experience in the packaging industry.

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