Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

With over 90 years of experience in the packaging services industry, Shorr Packaging Corp. has developed comprehensive programs and packaging solutions that will transform your packaging operation from a cost center into a profit center.

As a family owned and operated packaging company, we personally understand the costs that come with running your own company- and the pains you take to make sure that everything you send out represents the high quality of your business.

However, we also realize that it’s not always possible to oversee every single detail of your company’s day-to-day. That’s why we offer unique, personalized packaging consulting services that are each tailored to meet your specific business objectives. Our custom packaging services include:

  • National packaging programs
  • Managed packaging solutions
  • Packaging application analysis
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Custom packaging design
  • Sustainability solutions

We work with every level of your organization to identify and implement packaging solutions of all dimensions and complexities. Our comprehensive suite of packaging services and our packaging equipment partnerships means that you will have access to only the best products, equipment, and consulting services.

For example, companies expanding their physical locations will benefit from our national packaging programs, which will help you streamline your packaging operations. A step above that is our managed packaging solutions, aimed at helping large, complex organizations improve their packaging process (and cut costs) from top to bottom.

Customized Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Not sure what’s missing in your current packaging operations? Our packaging application analysis finds the obstacles preventing you from achieving your packaging management goals.

For companies who need extra assistance on the design side of packaging, Shorr Packaging can match you with our corrugated designers who can help you with kitting and assembly tasks such as carton erecting, kit counting and assembly, and more. Need a custom packaging design to take your product to the next level? We can help with that too.

Finally, the packaging industry has fully recognized the importance of sustainable products- and sustainability is something that customers look for when shopping as well. To help companies become more sustainable, Shorr Packaging can help you find an eco-friendly packaging solution specific to your company’s needs.

Shorr’s team of industry experts will guide you through the process of selecting the packaging services that are appropriate for your specific business. We’re here to help you develop enterprise-wide programs for everything from procurement processes to packaging line functions- all while offering you the best customer experience in the packaging industry.

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