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Kitting and Assembly Services

Many companies face the enormous challenge of producing packages and shipping units in different shapes and sizes on varying schedules, while also trying to reduce material and labor resources.

Shorr Packaging has talented corrugated designers that will work with you to create product-specific packaging, prototypes and shipping kits. We also maintain large amounts of quality, pre-formatted packaging materials in flat and knock-down configurations, ready for “just-in-time” assembly and delivery.

Examples of our specific kitting and assembly proficiencies include (but are not limited to): carton erecting, cooler insertion and assembly, kit counting and assembly, gluing, die cutting, corrugated build-ups, blocking and bracing, and gaylord to pallet locking.

By allowing us to handle their kitting and assembly projects, Shorr customers see the benefits of: increased throughput, efficient inventory management, improved workflow and material handling, reduced labor and related expenses, reduced workplace hazards and other risks, and reduced storage and warehouse requirements.

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