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Managed Packaging Solutions (STAMP™)

With today’s challenging business environment, companies are running lean in their purchasing and engineering endeavors. In response, we have developed the Shorr Total Approach to Managed Packaging (STAMP) program to enable large, complex organizations the ability to direct, manage and control their packaging processes.

The components of a STAMP review include:
  • A comprehensive, detailed review of your packaging process
  • An imaginative way to identify and manage packaging costs
  • Implementation to achieve rapid improvement in a few weeks

Our specially-trained team of product, automation, logistic and procurement specialists will work in tandem with your company personnel to focus on five critical areas of the program:

  • Packaging Automation: New systems and equipment upgrades result in faster throughput, reduced labor costs, fewer errors, less downtime and improved package integrity.
  • Inventory Management: Shorr’s customized, just-in-time replenishment program can minimize carrying costs, maximize turns, and enhance operational flexibility.
  • Material Handling: An assessment of end-to-end material flow and storage systems helps to pinpoint substantial opportunities for streamlining, better space utilization, and improved plant safety.
  • Packaging Materials: Selecting the right product for each application eliminates the hidden costs associated with improper materials, product breakage, excessive labor, and dissatisfied customers.
  • Procurement: Analysis of the procurement process can lead to transformative options such as Shorr’s customized online order entry and analytical tools.

With years of experience delivering world-class results, Shorr Packaging will help you find creative ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in just about every phase of your packaging operation.

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