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Your sustainability goals are important to us! Shorr Packaging understands that sustainability is not a single-step action—it’s a continual process improvement goal and a transition towards your company’s overall initiatives.

In today’s sustainability approach, Shorr emphasizes overall ways to help reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing eco-sensible, sustainable solutions that take advantage of recycling practices, renewable resources, waste and emission reduction, low-energy consumption and material reduction – generating cost neutral to cost savings.

Since Shorr is a packaging distributor and not a manufacturer, our solutions are not limited to pieces of manufacturing equipment within our four walls. With virtually no limitations we are in the unique position to look at all available options as viable solutions. We will also look at your “actual” materials and your “true” packaging requirements, taking into account other valuable points such as usage calculation, order frequency, timeframe, and end-delivery.

In the past, the buzzword, “sustainability” just meant “recyclable”; and it’s easy to get caught up in the sustainability “trend”. However, more often than not, these quick trends can create greater issues with unique high-demand; high-quantity fulfillment needs, often resulting in an overly expensive cost to purchase, cost to ship, inefficient product packaging and inefficient uses of resources and freight.

We educate our sustainability packaging experts and specialists to think heavily on “efficiency” when finding a solution to meet your needs. Our consultative approach gives us the ability to provide an effective solution, engaging the entire life cycle of your product – from the initial packaging process through warehouse storage and delivery to the end location.

If needed, Shorr can provide a STAMP audit to help take a deeper dive into your packaging process and determine how your packaging affects your entire product life cycle from start to finish. This ensures a look at your overall methodology to encourage a sustainable solution to further reduce material, reduce labor and maximize freight efficiency.

While the many choices for eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions may seem overwhelming, our team can help you sort through the options to create your step-by-step strategy. Your solution might be as simple as reducing the width of your box sealing tape or as involved as moving to completely biodegradable shipping containers. Let Shorr help you build a sustainable process and an ecologically-sensitive packaging solution that can be developed and integrated into your long-term plan.

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