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Shorr Packaging understands the unique packaging challenges of the 3PL industry. Whether you struggle with seasonal, automation, procurement or logistics issues, or compliance with client-driven specifications, we have the experience and focus you need to identify and implement customized packaging solutions.

We can help you design an effective, multi-level packaging line solution—resulting in increased productivity and reduced labor costs. Our equipment specialists can recommend a combination of automatic baggers, hand-packing stations, case erectors, or random case sealers to create the right packaging system for your specific operational needs.

We offer an array of products designed to accommodate the specialized needs of 3PL enterprises: corrugated boxes, carton sealing tape, void fill, labels, packing list envelopes, hand-length stretch film, temperature control devices, poly bags, air cell wrap, mailers, packing paper, and air pillows.

Take advantage of our stock box program, where you select the options that work best for your corrugated needs. We offer boxes in hundreds of sizes and styles—available for immediate or scheduled delivery service. Our Vendor Managed Inventory and Just-In-Time replenishment programs give you the flexibility and control over your on-hand carton stock.

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