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Food Packaging

At Shorr Packaging, we combine compliance with creativity. We utilize a variety of solutions to help customers comply with mandatory guidelines, while enhancing their own standards for package design and creating opportunities for cost savings and increased output.

Whether its meat, poultry, bakery, frozen, confectionery, dairy, produce, canned or bottled products, food handling businesses face ever-increasing regulatory and consumer demands to ensure that foodstuffs are properly processed and packaged.

Since every food sector must conform to a distinct set of variable criteria such as regulatory compliance, food safety, product labeling, and renewable resources, you’ll need a partner like Shorr Packaging. We offer a variety of services from package design and production, to procurement and sourcing, from shipping and freight logistics, to warehousing and inventory management.

By offering food-safe packaging products such as acrylic tape, wax lined cartons, and stainless steel wash-down equipment, we’ll help you develop enterprise-wide solutions that not only save costs, but ensure food quality while creating an effective packaging operation.

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