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Medical Packaging Solutions

Medical devices are one of the largest growing segments of the healthcare industry. As remarkable as many of these devices are, challenges abound when it comes to ensuring their viability during transport. Contamination of medical devices, during storage or transport, can render them unsuitable for use.

Shorr Packaging specializes in addressing the unique packaging needs of the medical supply industry. We recognize that packaging is not just about transporting an item from manufacturer to end user. Equally important is the ability to maintain the item’s integrity and protect it from damage, contamination and adverse climate conditions. Packaging for medical devices must also comply with strict governmental guidelines from the FDA and other agencies.

Shorr has expertise addressing all areas of medical packaging, from cleanroom packaging to tamper-resistant and temperature-control packaging. We offer solutions to fit all medical devices and we’ll make sure you meet all compliance guidelines.

At Shorr, our primary and secondary packaging specialties include: sterilization bags, static-shielding air cell wrap, corrugated mailers, tamper-evident tapes, stainless steel equipment, automatic bagging systems, inkjet printers and labeling systems, and retention, suspension and kitting services.

Our broader packaging capabilities help you streamline procurement by providing a multitude of end-of-line options, including case sealing, void filling, cushioning, labeling and palletizing. Our specialists work with your team through each step of the packaging and logistics process to ensure every step of the supply chain is managed and the packaging requirements for your specific line of products are achieved.

Shorr’s wide range of medical packaging capabilities makes us a versatile and reliable resource. In addition to supplying materials and equipment, we also provide custom packaging design and prototyping services. Our dedicated team provides personalized service and is backed by a nationwide network of distribution centers and specialized consultants. Click here to contact us today.

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