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Commitment to Our Communities

At Shorr, we believe in the power of collaboration, equity, compassion, and unity to create positive change. Shorr’s Community Outreach Program is dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships with not-for-profits and engaging in diverse community activities to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Book Drive Delivery

Shorr's Inaugural Book Drive

In March, Shorr's Community Outreach Committee organized a book drive. This initiative aimed to benefit elementary school children in underprivileged schools in our communities. 

The response from our employee-owners was nothing short of inspiring. Over the course of a month, we collected almost 3,000 books across all divisions! 

Everyone’s generosity and kindness helped brighten the lives of students who may not have access to quality reading materials. 

Food drive dry goods

Nationwide Annual Food Drive

During the month of September, our employee-owners banded together in a company-wide food drive to join the fight to end hunger.

As a company, Shorr raised $28,338, which equals 226,704 meals for those in need. In addition, we collected nearly 1,800 goods for local food banks.

Atlanta Tree Planting 3

Earth Day Events

In celebration of Earth Day, over 100 Shorr employee-owners came together and participated in Shorr-organized activities. Two divisions coordinated trash clean-ups, while seven Shorr locations planted trees native to their local environment.

We are proud to recognize the role of our employee-owners in being responsible stewards to our company, community, and planet.

Shorr Resource Groups

At Shorr, our employee-led resource groups encourage professional growth and present the opportunity for a collective voice. Through shared experiences, support, and collaboration, these groups play a vital role in Shorr’s culture and foster positive change. 

WISE panel

Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment

At Shorr, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. The creation of our women’s employee resource group, Women Inspiring Success & Empowerment (WISE), is a testament to our dedication to gender diversity and equality, and our belief in the power of women’s voices and contributions in the workplace. 

Our mission is to empower and uplift each other by providing a supportive community where women can cultivate both personal and professional growth through mentorship and education while fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect and collaboration. Together we strive to break barriers, challenge stereotypes and create a more equitable society for women while staying committed to nurturing women’s potential, fostering leadership, and promoting success on our paths to excellence.

During International Women’s Month, we celebrated by hosting a leadership panel where some of Shorr’s very own leaders, shared their insights and experiences on various topics related to women’s empowerment, career advancement, work life balance, and leadership. 

EcoVadis Resource Group

The EcoVadis assessment platform rates the sustainability of global supply chains across more than 75,000 international companies. The assessment measures organizations’ ESG (environmental, social, and governance) contributions and credentials via 21 criteria – notably with a particular focus on four performance areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Shorr established a cross-functional resource group to take on the EcoVadis assessment. As a result, Shorr was awarded the Silver Badge.

It is important to note that the Silver Badge designates Shorr as among the top 25% of companies evaluated, signifying a strong and impressive commitment to environmental, social, and governance efforts.

EcoVadis Committee