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Shorr is proud to feature Baggers and Bagging Systems from these brands:

Shorr offers both semi-automatic and automatic bagging machines from leading manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and innovation. Whichever bagging equipment Shorr experts help you choose, their goal is always the same: to help customers streamline processes, increase productivity and boost efficiency.

The bagging machine you choose will depend on your packaging goals, your bagging environment and your bag styles and sizes. The ability to adjust the bag size to conform to different products will streamline operations and create more effective packaging.

Shorr offers bagging systems that can be set up quickly in a variety of bagging environments and use all-electric functionality to decrease maintenance needs. Some products use roll bagging systems with advanced technology to feed, open, load and seal up to 50 bags per minute.

Our Installation Technicians Will Support Your Business

Shorr bagging machines can be installed in a variety of production environments and are available in various sizes and capacity configurations to accommodate your company’s unique packaging requirements.

Need installation help? We’re with you the whole way. Shorr’s certified technicians have years of experience with automatic bagging systems and offer full support so you can install your bagging equipment safely and efficiently. Shorr also offers a full line of bags and flexible packaging solutions to meet your needs.

Contact Shorr today to learn more about choosing and installing the bagging equipment that will achieve your business goals.

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