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As an authorized distributor partner of Sealed Air’s packaging equipment, Shorr Packaging is proud to feature many of their most popular lines of automated systems, including:

  • Inflatable Air Pillow Systems: Fill-Air Cyclone®, Fill-Air Rocket®, Wonderfil™ Wrap, Rapid Fill®
  • Cushioning Systems: NewAir I.B.®, PackTiger®, SpeedyPacker®, Instapacker® Tabletop, Instapack iMold®
  • Paper Cushioning Systems: PackTiger® and PackTiger® Hybrid™
  • Sheeting Systems: Accu-Cut™ and Instasheeter™
  • Paper Void Fill Systems: FasFil® EZ™, FasFil®, PackTiger®, PackTiger® Hybrid™
  • Void Reduction Systems: I-Pack® and Ultipack®
  • Automated Mailer System: Priority Pak®

The main goal of packaging operations is to get products packed, shipped and delivered in made-ready condition, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Meeting these objectives creates a more productive packaging environment, and more importantly—increases customer satisfaction.

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Sealed Air Packaging Systems

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