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Sealed Air Sheeting Systems

Sealed Air offers easy-to-use, material sheeting systems that reduce inventory requirements and improve production efficiency for online or workstation packing environments.

The Accu-Cut™ Automated Converting System cuts and dispenses custom-sized sheets of Bubble Wrap®, Cell-Aire® foam or Kushion Kraft® paper. This versatile system conveniently creates sheets of material for surface protection, cushioning or void fill applications. On-demand production saves storage space, reduces inventory and increases productivity, while offering a wide range of product protection options.

The Instasheeter™ system is a high-speed converter that turns rolls of Bubble Wrap®, Cell-Aire® foam, Kushion Kraft® paper or NewAir I.B.® inflatable material into custom-cut sheets. Offering a wide range of cushioning, void fill or surface protection options, this machine is ideal for either online or offline packaging applications.

Sealed Air Sheeting System Features:

  • Single or Multiple Rolls
  • Operator-Controlled
  • 6″ to 300″ Sheet Lengths


  • On-Line and Work-Cell Use
  • Footswitch Operation
  • Easy Material Roll Changes
  • Instaslitter™ Material Roll Slitter (optional)
  • Unwind Stand for Jumbo Material Rolls (optional)

Sealed Air Sheeting System Specifications:

  • Model 480
    • Maximum Material Width: 50″
    • Size: 70″W x 54″L x 50″H
    • Weight: 280 lbs.
    • Power: 110 VAC, 5 Amp
    • Maximum Production Rate: 15 sheets/min. (20″ length); 20 sheets/min. (10″ length)
  • Model 760
    • Maximum Material Width: 78″
    • Size: 102″W x 54″L x 50″H
    • Weight: 330 lbs.
    • Power: 110 VAC, 5 Amp
    • Maximum Production Rate: 15 sheets/min. (20″ length); 20 sheets/min. (10″ length)


  • Production Rate (1-minute): 36 Sheets @ 24″ long; 52 Sheets @ 12″ long;
    68 Sheets @ 6″ long
  • Material Width Limits: 6″ minimum, 24″ maximum
  • Machine Size: 44″W x 32″L x 69″H (81″ w/adjustable stand)
  • Weight: 485 lbs.
  • Power: 7 Amp

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