Equipment, Products and Strategic Consulting for the E-Commerce Age

At Shorr, we’re experienced in helping e-commerce customers optimize packaging strategies and processes. Whether you’re a rapidly growing online retailer that needs to invest in automated packaging equipment to streamline your processes or a third-party logistics provider trying to meet client specifications, we’ll ensure your success.

Our specialists will listen closely to your unique business needs and then assess every fulfillment component of your packaging operation. Custom e-commerce packaging solutions featuring state-of-the-art equipment aim to improve productivity and distribution procedures, and reduce material consumption and labor costs.

As an e-commerce packaging supplier, we offer an array of products designed to meet specialized e-commerce retail packaging needs. These include corrugated boxes, carton sealing tape, void fill, labels, packing list envelopes, hand-length stretch film, temperature control devices, poly bags, packing paper and air pillows. We can support your sustainable e-commerce packaging goals.

The bottom line: Shorr’s packaging products and expertise, backed by a nationwide network of distribution centers, helps e-commerce businesses grow. Contact us today to learn more.

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