Shorr Packaging is a leading distributor of Sharp’s auto bagging systems, with experience across a wide range of applications and industrial settings. Our team of packaging sales and service professionals are ready to assist you with Sharp Packaging equipment selection, installation, set up, integration, service and parts support.

In addition to making your bagging easier, Sharp machines also use non-proprietary parts for easy maintenance. We stock a majority of the parts you need for your Sharp Packaging Systems equipment so you will always have fast and direct access to anything you need.

With you the whole way

Sharp Bagging Machines And Systems

SX Table Top Semi-Automatic Bagger
MAX 12 Continuous Roll Bagging System
MAX-Pro 18 Continuous Roll Bagging System
MAX 20 Continuous Roll Bagging System
MAX 24 Continous Roll Bagging System
MAX-Pro 24 Continous Roll Bagging System
MAX Plus Automatic Bagging System
Sharp SX GO Tabletop Bagging System
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