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Welcome to Shorr Packaging Corp., one of the largest independent packaging distribution firms in the nation. Our goal for over 90 years remains true to this day – to be a customer-focused, wholesale packaging company with the personnel, services and equipment to handle any request from boxes and materials to industrial packaging equipment repair. We identify opportunities to take cost out of packaging and put value in.

How have we achieved this success in the wholesale packaging industry?
Simple- we listen to the customer.

An Expert Team

The entire Shorr team of Sales and Customer Care Representatives, Equipment Specialists, Service Technicians, and Packaging Designers are all highly skilled and possess a wealth of hands-on knowledge. Our expert team means that each of our clients enjoys a dedicated customer service representative, and all of our professional service technicians are certified and factory-trained. We rely on our dedicated team to drive our success, and as a family-owned business, we’re proud that we’ve built a company culture that encourages our employees to stay for 10, 20, 25, and even 30 years.

Versatility at Every Stage of Development

We offer expert-level talent in all departments and are one of the most versatile packaging companies in the industry. Whether you need helping developing a customized packaging solution or want to equip your warehouse with your own packaging equipment and parts, Shorr Packaging knows how to utilize our expertise to give you the best wholesale packaging solution for your situation.

We begin by helping you choose the perfect packaging for your specific need, and we continue by helping your build customized solutions for your day-to-day packaging operations. Throughout our partnership, we give our clients full service and support capabilities, including set-up and installation, operator training, and more. We’re also equipped to give you a complete parts program and a customized maintenance plan, ensuring that your equipment works exactly when you need it.

We also recognize that several of our clients have large, multi-location businesses; to address those specific needs, we’ve created Shorr’s Total Approach to Managed Packaging, a program offering solutions specific to businesses in need of help with inventory management and inconsistent packaging materials and processes. With this unique program, our team of experts analyze your specific packaging facility and recommend strategies to help you control costs and improve productivity.

Representing the best packaging manufacturers in the U.S., Shorr Packaging will help improve your products, pricing, ergonomics, design, sustainability, and procurement. We will be your strategic partner in achieving integrated packaging solutions specific to your business needs today, and we’ll help you prepare for what you need tomorrow by keeping our promise: always listen to the customer.

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