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When it’s not done correctly, packaging can be an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process for companies attempting to manage their packaging operations completely on their own. If a company isn’t careful, packaging operations can be a black hole for productivity.Instead of struggling through your current packaging management system, let an experienced professional analyze your system and identify areas where you can streamline your process. Our employees have been with us for as long as 30 years, and as the packaging industry has changed over time, we’ve successfully adapted our practices so that we offer the most efficient packaging operations and management in the industry. With our Packaging Application Analysis, we can pass our knowledge and experience on to your specific situation, using data-driven recommendations to jumpstart your packaging optimization.


At Shorr, we pride ourselves on having dedicated employees with years of experience in the packaging industry. Led by our talented and focused review teams, we’ll be able to pinpoint deficiencies and recognize potential savings opportunities and process improvements in the following areas:

We’ve honed our Packaging Application Analysis process so that it effectively identifies opportunities for your company to save money while improving the efficiency of your packaging operations. Our packaging analysis process includes the following steps:

  • Examine your overall business in order to completely understand your corporate objectives
  • Observe, analyze, and report against each specific segment of your packaging process
  • Identify operational process improvement opportunities
  • Prioritize automation enhancements or acquisitions
  • Present initiatives, value propositions, and financial justification in alignment with your business goals

With our results-driven and scientific approach to packaging optimization, we’re able to give you specific recommendations based on your goals. Our combination of data-driven analysis and over 90 years of experience in the packaging industry means that your company is sure to benefit from our packaging analysis process.

Whether you need to save money on packaging labor costs or choose the best packaging equipment for your company, our expert perspective will help you choose a new path for your packaging management and operations.

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